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Make your own concrete sculptures for your garden

by Jonni Good

This bear is my very first concrete sculpture. Isn't he cute? I can't wait to make another one (maybe a panda to hide in my bamboo). I used the instructions from the book Making Concrete Garden Ornaments by Sherri Warner Hunter.

Why concrete? It's inexpensive, the process is easy to learn, the sculptures will last practically forever - and it's fun! This life-sized bear cub cost a little under $10.00 to make - an important consideration when you're learning a new skill.

A celebrated teacher has gathered the tried-and-true techniques used by sculptors and folk artists, and then tailored them perfectly for low-tech surroundings and personal expression. Work with molds; form over armatures; model or carve with concrete; take advantage of technical advances to develop lighter, stronger structures; and treat concrete surfaces with mosaics, embedded objects, incising, and coloring.

For dazzling outdoor embellishment, craft Garden Critter Stepping Stones, a Trough Planter, Birdbath, Little Lady Fountain, and a jazzy border. Every one of the 25 projects will open up new creative horizons!

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