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Unique Concrete Planters

If you are interested in ordering one of our unique concrete planters, please send us an email.

Please note - we can ship to US addresses only.

Easter Island Planter
This original design is modeled after the famous sculptures on Easter Island. The planter is approximately 11.5 inches high, and weighs about 20 pounds. We like to grow dark-leaved ornamental grasses in ours.


Lady with Hat Planter
This concrete planter is created from our own original sculpture. Her old-fashioned bonnet has a planting hole that is perfect for sedums or flowering plants. The planter is approximately 8.5 inches tall, and weighs about 14 pounds.

We build all our concrete planter by hand, using molds we created from our own original sculptures. You won't find these planters anywhere else. (We don't actually have a factory or anything - Pete does most of the work in his back-yard workshop, when he isn't busy building his new pond.) Click on the picture to see a bigger photo.
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