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Pond Fountain

Did you realize you can have a pond fountain without digging a pond? Large ponds with gently spraying water are wonderful, of course - but for the smaller garden, you might want to consider an easier alternative.

This small pond is made of resin that has been impregnated with crushed stone. It looks just like the real thing, but can be placed above ground if you want. Add a fountain spray or some brass ducks and you'll have a beautiful focal point for a small garden.


If you have a small pond, one of these floating solar fountains is a perfect way to get the water moving. It will not only be beautiful to see and hear, but it will reduce or eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes, since those pests like stagnant water. The fountain spray will also help aerate your pond to keep your plants and fish happy.

For the larger pond, you'll need a larger fountain. Just to show you how big you can go, we found a pump and fountain that will spray up to 20 feet - most back yards won't have a body of water big enough for this, but it's a great addition to a farm pond, where the aeration is needed for the fish. We've seen this type of fountain used in a small man-made lake in Beaverton, where diners sit on a restaurant's flagstone terrace and watch the fountain and the Great Blue Herons that come to snack on the pond's stocked fish.
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