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Garden Ponds and Fountains

Looking for instructions and equipment for your garden pond or fountain?

We've added this pond and water fountain resource page because concrete leaves, like the ones we make, are showing up in fountains, water features and ponds all over the country. Keep an eye on your local home magazine - you may see one of these beautiful fountains in a showcase garden near you.

Half-Barrel Pond Page -
Discussion of all aspects of half-barrel pond construction.

The Pond Lady -
Offers information on how to build a pond, pond keeping tips, free discussion list and a parade of ponds.

Keith's Koi Korner -
Provides general pond information and pictures of ponds from around the world.

The Garden Pond -
Contains a pond cam and visitors ponds, offers information on fish, ponds, construction, filters and plants.

George's Japanese Garden -
Provides information on a Japanese garden, with DIY projects and general information on Koi.

Mike's Tropical Pond Page -
Contains descriptions of a pond built in Saipan.
Our Garden of Dreams -
Provides a tour of a garden and pond in the Pacific Northwest.

Koi Carp And Pond Construction -
Provides a beginners guide to koi carp and cold water fish keeping.

A O U - Building a Pond -
Tips for building a pond.

My Water Garden -
Description of how a water garden was started and provides construction photos.

Pond That Bill Built -
Contains information on the planning and creation of a backyard water garden.

CJ's Adventures In Ponding -
Contains photographs of a backyard pond, fish and wildlife inhabitants. Includes information on a tour guide with admission costs and visiting hours.

The Pond Page -
Offers information on the construction of a pond, homemade barrel filter, fish and a water cycle.

JJ's Pond -
Contains pond descriptions, lily photos and filter diagrams.

Meilie's Secret Garden & Koi Pond -
Provides a garden and koi pond tour.

Greg's Goldfish and Koi Farm -
More than 100 pounds of fish call these 27,000 gallons of water their home. Offers instructions and ideas for your own pond.

Dan and Rita's Goldfish Pond -
Provides a tour of Dan's pond and garden pages.

The Pond of nhbirdsnest -
Provides step-by-step construction information and seasonal pond care.

Justin's rec.ponds FAQ -
Provides frequently asked pond questions and answers from rec.ponds newsgroup.

Roy's Pond Pages -
Shows the transition from a small pond to a much larger one. Also provides a video.

Bill & Julia's Water Garden -
Provides information on their pond construction.

Diary of a First Time Ponder -
Hints and pond tips, daily details on building a first pond, pond webrings and garden pond links.

LydiaPondPage -
Contains information and photographs of a garden pond.

Bruce's Pond Page -
Features a description of the evolution of the author's koi pond including its design, construction, landscaping, and continued improvement.

The Watson Family Pond -
Provides pond construction, fish, and plant photos.
The Pond Directory -
Provides a list of pond products and services advertised on the internet.

Gisela's Pond Page -
Contains information on building a pond, plants, and pictures.

Betty's Pond Pics -
Provides pond pictures.

MyPond -
Contains pond in progress pictures, fish, plants and information on fry.

Simon's Pond -
Provides a diary, photo gallery and future plans for a pond.

Dorothy And Mark's Koi Pond -
Offers information on converting your swimming pool to a Koi and fish pond. Provides pictures of plants and fish with information on filters.

Joe And Vicky's Pond Pages -
Contains information on a backyard pond.

Nedra's Backyard -
Provides pond and plant pictures.

Glass Block Koi Pond -
Details the design and construction of a unique pond built using glass block.

Hollybons Garden -
Contains pond photographs and a construction diary.

Dario's Personal Koi Pages -
Offers information on ponds, Koi, homemade filters, indoor systems, a barrel system and waterfall filters.

How To Build A Pond -
Offers advice and pictures on how to build a pond.

Beto And Sue's Pond -
Contains information and pictures of a koi pond and waterfalls.

Greenstuf's Cove -
This 20,000 gallon koi pond features a waterfall, water wheel, mill house and wishing well.

My Fish Pond -
Contains pond pictures and tips.

Molkenthin Pond -
Offers information on water gardening for the beginner. Contains pictures and provides information on water plants.

All About My Ponds -
Provides pictures of a small pond.

Just Pondering -
Contains pictures of two ponds connected by a stream with fish and water plants.

Vatmax Water Garden And Wildlife -
Contains information on water gardening and wildlife, tips on building, accessories, pumps and lights, and information on pond projects.

Curtis And Craig's New Pond -
Shows the progress of a pond building project with pictures and plants used.

A Pond In Kelligrews -
Provides information on how a pond was built, contains pond, fountain, water fall, plants and fish pictures.

Jim's Pond & Garden -
Contains information and pictures on building a pond.

Hansens Place -
Provides information and tips about how a first time pond owner began with pictures and information.

Gardening: The ponds and gardens at Ishkur Kennels -
My gardens and ponds in B.C. Canada, provides photographs on a mini pond, back pond and fish pond.

Michael And Sandy's Watergarden Page -
Contains details about construction, habitation, and filtering techniques for a successful water garden.

The Pond Page -
Provides pond building and landscaping information.

Bill And Andrea's Great Pond Project -
Provides pictures and descriptions of a large, lined pond and waterfall with construction details, troubleshooting, landscaping, plants and fish.

Building A Wildlife Garden Pond -
Contains information on building a wildlife pond, also offers advice on trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers to attract wildlife to your garden.

Wynnie's Urban Oasis -
Provides before and after photographs of the transformation of the barren lot behind an aluminum bungalow into a serene oasis.

Mike's Pond Project -
Provides pictures and the story of how a pond project began.

T and T's Pond -
Contains photographs and information on pond building.

Pete And Linda's Raised Koi Pond -
Contains photographs of step by step stages of how a pond was built.

Evan's Pond -
Contains a photograph album with descriptions of a pond being created.

John's Pond Page -
Contains information on fish, watergarden, Koi, waterfalls and pond links.

Ponds portal -
A portal about ponds, enables you to find what you are looking for. Lists latest pond news, FAQs and classifieds.

Robert's Pond -
Provides koi pond pictures.

Soo Pond Society -
Provides pond pictures, tips and other general information on water gardening.

Our Ponds -
Describes the addition of three ponds to a backyard.

Justin's Pond -
Provides pond, koi pictures and pond specifications.

Our Pond -
Provides information on how to build a pond, contains pond pictures, a pond diary and pond specifications.

Blondie's Water Gardens -
Offers a virtual tour of a water garden including pictures of aquatic plants and instructions on building a biological filter.

Our Golden Pond -
Contains information on how a pond was built, shows details of landscaping, plants, decking, fish and pictures taken through the seasons.

Our Back Garden Pond -
Offers information on pond construction, pictures, links, web rings, and a message board.

Sean's Ponds and Patio Garden -
Provides a pictorial tour and describes a variety of aquatic plants including waterlilies and lotus.
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